Integrity Broker Advisors

Experienced business (and related real estate) acquisitions intermediary representing owners, success fee only.
As generalists, we represent sellers in almost any industry. Our experience includes manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, food and beverage, and service businesses from engineering and construction to pest control, restoration, cleaning, et al

Our business is selling your business, and/or finding the right strategic or financial partners for growth over the long term. We offer a free opinion of value, and marketing materials, and never charge up front fees— we are only compensated if we find the right buyer and the deal closes. That’s how you can be assured our interests mirror yours, and we are “in the boat” with you through out our disciplined, proven process.

“IBA and Alliant found the right buyer, and stood by us through the entire process— through close.”

— James W., tree service seller

This site features links to some of the most exciting business opportunities available in Middle Tennessee and around the Mid South. Generic links will detail the general industry and financial highlights.

Integrity Broker Advisors is a division of Alliant Capital Advisors LLC of Brentwood, Tennessee, the largest most respected business acquisition intermediary in the Mid South.

No fees. No obligation: Success fee only. Guaranteed confidentiality

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*These are private equity, family office, strategic buyers (who already own a business in your space) and individuals looking to buy themselves a job. They are financially qualified, and under NDA, legally bound by our confidentiality agreement. As well, I send teasers to attract new buyers, and get them qualified and into my network. I will work exhaustively to find you the right buyer.


We’re in the boat together.

Success fee only” means our interests mirror yours. That is, we don’t succeed unless you do. In other words, when you agree to allow me to represent you, you have invested your trust in me, that I will do what I promise, and it will cost you nothing if I fail. I can’t guarantee your business will sell, but I can honestly say we have far more buyers in our distribution lists*, than we have quality businesses to show them. If your enterprise produces as strong living for you, with positive cash flow, chances are we will get a lot of attention. Like the residential real estate market today, inventory is very low, it’s a seller’s market. Unlike the real estate market, your business (and related real estate) is marketed completely confidentiality.

The networks of buyers in our database are extensive. These are individuals, private equity, family office and strategic buyers (in your industry), who were attracted by our marketing, and have been qualified by confidentiality agreement and demonstrable financial capability. To receive specific details, they must have an executed NDA on file which is no older than two years. Thus qualified, they are then classified by their interests, so Alliant and IBA can put your acquisition opportunity immediately in front of buyers seeking acquisitions in your space, while concurrently marketing the teaser online to attract and qualify new buyers.

Do you know who will invest in your business? I do.

“IBA and Alliant found the right buyer, and stood by us through the entire process— through close.”

— James W., tree service seller

“The lender and the attorney who wrote the APA got the deal closed when last minute snags threatened to scuttle it.”

Paula R, Insurance Co. buyer

“Our company was listed first with another brokerage, but with Alliant we got attention on day one, and the deal closed four months later.

— Bryan C., e-commerce business owner